Rights guide for women victims of gender-based violence

The effectiveness of the rights and the full exercise thereof is not possible if their holders are unaware of their existence or how to exercise them.

This need is even more evident for women victims of gender-based violence, for whom it is essential to know the measures that can be taken in relation to their protection and security, the rights and AIDS recognized by the law and the resources of care , emergency, support and comprehensive recovery to those who can access. This is the purpose of this publication.

The guarantee of the right to information, that the law of measures of integral protection against the violence of gender recognizes to all the women victims of this social scourge, not only is necessary for its Integral protection, but it is the basic budget to make Reality their constitutional rights to physical and moral integrity, freedom and security and equality and non-discrimination on the basis of sex.

Information provided by the Ministry of Equality of Spain (Ministerio de la Igualdad).